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Address: Henan Province Xingyang Wulong industrial agglomeration area

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    Non-ferrous metal smelting enterprises cut pressures
    High-end aluminum alloy materials, new energy-saving building materials, automobile and motorcycle vehicle equipment manufacturi
    2015 non-ferrous metal smelting and pressing industry business revenue grew 0.7% profit drop 11%
    Do a good job supporting policies to promote the secondary aluminum industry entrepreneurs
    Aluminum people, but also to be prepared to face the music



      Founded in May 2003 and with the registered capital of RMB100 million yuan, Henan Huilong Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd is a large private science and technology enterprise specialized in fine processing of aluminum alloy. 
    Covering an area of more than 400 acre and located in Zhengzhou which is biggest junction in China of both railway and high-way transportations, Huilong has the great advantage to radiating national market and offer best after-sale service to all clients. 
    As the largest-scale manufacturer of aluminum extruding profiles and related finished products in middle area of China, we have full production lines including melting, extruding, surface treatment and deep-tooling process.

    China quality and technical supervision



    Central School of Art

    Zhengzhou Zhongyuan District Luo Village Reconstruction

    Zhengzhou Sunrise City Fairview

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